Hello Thursday Cashiers,


Welcome to the 2023/24 season. We have a good group of people and it's going to be lots of fun. Here are a couple of housekeeping matters which are specific to this league.

Our games start at 5 pm, and we must be off the ice by 7pm sharp. In the past I have been cursed at by members of the Thursday Men's league when any of our league's games have gone past 7pm. To ensure that this doesn't happen, our time clock rule is slightly different than other leagues. At 6:30 you may finish the end you are on and play one more end, except that you cannot start a full end after 6:40. If the end you are playing at 6:30 finishes after 6:40 you may only play a further half-end, i.e., four rocks per team, using a variation of the mixed doubles rule (The Watson Rule - see below*).  The clock on the far wall of the ice shed is the official clock for this purpose.

Covid is thankfully not as severe a problem as it has been, but provincial health guidelines still require that you isolate if you are experiencing symptoms that might indicate covid. We want to encourage members to stay home if they think they might have covid. To that end, I encourage teams to allow their opponents to play with two players, if one player is absent for that reason. Note that this is just a suggestion, as I do not have the authority to make it a rule. So if your opponent only has two players, you are entitled to claim a default win, if you do not wish to follow this suggestion.

Please enter your results as soon as possible after your game. The winning team should do this, but if that team is sparing for a regular league team, the losing team should ensure that the result is posted. If a result is not posted by the following week, as your omnipotent but benevolent dictator I will record it as a tie (unless the winning team provides suitable liquid inducement for me to overlook this failure).

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions I am happy to entertain them. Do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]. However, I do not think it is fair to my team or to my opposition, for our game to be interrupted by requests for interpretations, rulings etc. Please save them for after the game. If a matter needs to be dealt with during your game, please remember that curling is intended to be a self-regulated sport, and try to settle the matter in the time-honoured spirit of the game.


*The Watson Rule** for a speedy last end, where the end starts after 6:40:

One rock per player. Team with last rock places a rock (their colour) in back 4-foot on centre line. Team without last rock places a rock (their colour) on centre line anywhere between hog and house. No hits, no ticks for first four stones (leads and seconds). Violation: reset the stones, or leave as is at the discretion of the non-offending skip.

** I give Stephen credit for this rule, but if anyone wishes to complain about it, I will accept the blame.

Upcoming games - February 29

#7 - Van Dine Onfire #2 - Bridges 05:00 PM Sheet 1
#6 - Sangster #3 - Conway Onfire 05:00 PM Sheet 2
#10 - Watson #8 - Taylor 05:00 PM Sheet 3
#4 - Hawco #5 - Johansen Onfire 05:00 PM Sheet 4
#1 - Boucher #9 - Sabourin 05:00 PM Sheet 5

Day Recap - February 22

On Fire!
Hot Streak Stopped!
Back On Track!