Good Morning Everyone, 

Draw has been posted for the first round Tuesday Cash.  Please note the changes to the draw times:

5:15pm & 8:00pm

For those in B-flight, if your opponent is "Admin", you have the bye for the week.

I am pleased to announce that Howard Rajala has graciously agreed to be your conveynor.  Over the next few weeks, we will be working together to get him up and running. 

We are working on getting a 20th team into the B draw so that we can get to a ladder for the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Good Luck and Good Curling 🥌 to everyone!

For any questions, please reach out to me -  [email protected]

Upcoming games - October 03

A1 - H. Rajala A10 - L. Thorne 05:15 PM Sheet 1
A3 - D. Van Dine A8 - J. McNamara 05:15 PM Sheet 2
A4 - B. Lyon-Hatcher A7 - B. Blad 05:15 PM Sheet 3
A5 - B. Lewis A6 - F. Hawco 05:15 PM Sheet 4
A2 - J. Lachance A9 - J. Marshall 05:15 PM Sheet 5
B9 - D. Morton B2 - J. Goold 08:00 PM Sheet 1
B7 - A. MacDonald B4 - D. Michaud 08:00 PM Sheet 2
B5 - L. Mantha B6 - J. Madden 08:00 PM Sheet 3
B10 - A. Admin B1 - A. Bugg 08:00 PM Sheet 4
B8 - M. Sangster B3 - C. Daly 08:00 PM Sheet 5