Hello Thursday Cashiers:

Here are a few important announcements and suggestions for the 2022/23 season.

We are a 10 team league, so we will play a 24 game round robin. Each game is worth $25. We do not break ties. The draw is posted on the website and on the bulletin board at the club.

Time clock: The clock in the ice shed is the official clock for the draw.

All games must finish no later than 7pm. At 6:30 you may finish the end you are playing, plus one more, subject to the following additional rule and suggestion:

You may not start a complete end after 6:40. This is because the last end of a close game often takes more than 20 minutes to complete. SUGGESTION: If both teams agree, you may play a half-end, i.e., 1 rock per player, with no take-outs until thirds' stones. ** See modofied suggestion below.

Covid and defaults: 

Covid is still with us. We want to encourage people to stay home if they have cold or flu symptoms, without forcing their team to default. We urge teams to allow their opposition to play with only two players, if the reason they are shorthanded is covid-related. (NOTE: I would make this a rule, but I was advised that I do not have the authority to do so.)

Reporting results:

Please report your results as soon as possible after your games. There was a problem at the start of the year with the system for reporting results. That has been fixed, and you can report your result as a Win, Loss, or Tie.

Enjoy the season. If you have any comments, complaints or constructive suggestions, please e-mail me at [email protected], or speak to me after the game.

** A member has made a modified suggestion that I think is better than my original, for the short final end, as follows:

After 6:40 you may not play a full end, but you may play a half end (one rock per player) using a slightly modified mixed doubles format: The team with last rock places a rock in the back four foot (fully behind the button), and the other team places a rock anywhere on the centre line in front of the house. No rock (including the back four foot rock) can be removed from play until the fourth rock of the end (i.e., until the second stone of the team with last rock). 

Upcoming games - March 30

#8 - Allan #2 - Van Dine Onfire 05:00 PM Sheet 1
#4 - Watson #6 - Taylor 05:00 PM Sheet 2
#9 - Johansen #10 - Michaud 05:00 PM Sheet 3
#5 - Kaun #1 - O'Bright 05:00 PM Sheet 4
#3 - Kelly #7 - Boucher 05:00 PM Sheet 5

BYE / No Game

Day Recap - March 16

On Fire!
Hot Streak Stopped!
Back On Track!